It all started with passion...

Ever since I was a little girl my love for baking has been a major factor in my life. How very lucky I consider myself to be in being able to turn a passion into a hobby into a business that I am able to share with you.

Every cake that I produce, albeit a beautifully handcrafted cupcake or a fabulous celebration cake, is given my undivided attention. Nothing short of perfection is allowed to leave the premises!

Signature Cupcakes

Everyone deserves a little bit of loveliness in their lives and I would like to think that my cakes offer you a moment of complete and utter, unadulterated indulgence!

I thank you for visiting Flutterby Cupcakes, please take the time to view my collections and feel free to call me to discuss any further requirements that you may have.

You are limited only by your own imagination!

With Love Louise